Telecom A/C

Dependable Air Conditioning system for Telecom (Mobile Phone Exchanges)


NTES has wide experience in providing precision air conditioning systems for cooling in various organizations across Afghanistan and in other countries. We believe in quality services and effective communication that make relations stronger, that is why NTES is a business partner of STULZ to provide precision air conditioning systems in mobile phone exchanges to keep it cool. Mobile phone network stations must have correct temperature and humidity level for smooth operations.

Combining efforts with these quality products enable us to design, develop and maintain robust cooling system for any complicated call center and phone exchange to promise full time availability anywhere. NTES precision air conditioning systems maintain transmission and receiving stations mobile network cool, regardless of weather.

Robust, compressed and economical Telecom line systems work perfectly around the clock for years to guarantee the accessibility of mobile technology. NTES can fix the air condition system in small cabinets, containers and shelters according to the base station of mobile phone to stabilize temperature of the transmission technology.


Split-Air – Split system for base stations

  This split system for base stations in which a split A/C system is already installed conditions the air with a capacity of up to 8.4 kilowatts – optionally with economical free cooling

Wall-Air – Air conditioner for external mounting

  Keeps base stations cool from the outside with a cooling capacity of up to 20.8 kilowatts – optionally with economical free cooling..

Tel-Air 2 – Air conditioner for internal mounting

  Keeps base stations cool from the inside with a cooling capacity of up to 12.5 kilowatts – optionally with economical free cooling

Free-Air – Free cooling for base stations

  Enhances existing comfort air-conditioning units in base stations by providing cost-effective direct free cooling.















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