Precision A/C

NTES Precision Air Conditioning System


Precision air conditioning (Precision A/C) systems are particularly developed and designed for cooling electronic equipments, especially when corporations were using main frame computers to cater business operational needs. New Trader Engineering Services (NTES) offers reliable air conditioning system for server rooms and data center that is capable of running round the clock, preserve a very secure control on environment circumstances such as humidity and temperature and have very sensible cooling capacity. NTES incorporates the proven technology of STULZ products for precision A/C to regulate humidity and temperature for you sensitive and sophisticated technology.

NTES Fix, Replace and Maintain Precision A/C

The train and certified technicians of NTES respond quickly and ready to install, deploy, replace and maintain cost-efficient precision air conditioning system for server rooms, data centers, call centers, internet providers, Labs, control rooms and high density data centers

NTES presents specialized solutions to meet the following objectives and propose best possibilities:

    • Accurate control of air temperature
    • Precise control over air humidity
    • Proper and fast air flow
    • Long term continuous operation
    • Built in options for heater, humidifier and dehumidifier to control simultaneously.

CyberAir 2 – Innovation for maximum energy efficiency

  The CyberAir 2 precision air-conditioning system conditions the air in large computer and equipment rooms with a heat load of over 20 kilowatts, and with automatic Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC), it is up to 60 % more cost-efficient than conventional compressor cooling systems.

Compact – Small entry-level unit with a large impact


For minimal investment, the Compact precision air-conditioning system ensures the availability of your sensitive technology in large rooms with a heat load of over 11 kilowatts


MiniSpace – Compact precision for computer rooms

  The MiniSpace precision air-conditioning system from STULZ cools small servers and equipment rooms with a heat load of up to 28 kilowatts.

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