Stabilize Humidity for safe and comfortable Processes

NTES support your industrial, manufacturing, office and home environment with adequate humidity to prevent discomfort, reduce fire risk and static electricity. Dry air can be the reasons for costly, dangerous problems and cause material worsening that can easily lead to unavailability, inaccuracy and delay in data centers and badly affect the performance of IT equipments.

NTES promote methods to control humidity for men and Equipments

Inadequate levels of humidity (either too low or too high) can root uneasiness for people and damage a lot of equipments and materials. So we help organizations to use appropriate kind of humidification equipments for achieving effective, reasonable and trouble free control over humidity.

We ensure Electronic environments such as data centers, telecommunication exchanges and server rooms free from static electricity to prevent reduction in productivity, drop in quality, uncontrolled sparks, and physical damage to electronic equipments and PCBs.

Choose STULZ humidification system to meet needs

NTES proposes world leading humidification systems of STULZ to meet organization critical requirements fit in their environment. We take these important factors into account before going to select a humidifier as:

    • Right system base on application
    • Performance and Economic requirements

We consider following points before making choice for humidification system:

    • New installation of humidifier or retrofit
    • Energy and water efficiency requirements
    • Operating cost and capital expenditure requirements
    • Can the system go offline for some time?
    • How clean humidity is required
    • Consider all costs (installation, equipment, operating, and energy costs)

STULZ ULTRASONIC ENSUltrasonic humidifiers for ventilation ducts

STULZ UltraSonic® ENS

Modular humidifying system for installation in ventilation ducts, with economical ultrasonic technology for 1.2 to 18 kg of cold mist per hour.

Ultrasonic humidifiers for ventilation ducts

STULZ ULTRASONIC ENS 06Devices from the STULZ UltraSonic® ENS model series are designed for installation in ventilation ducts and air conditioners. The ENS 1200-9600 series is modular in structure, with graduated humidifying capacities ranging from 1.2 kg/h to 9.6 kg/h. In addition, the ENS 14 and ENS 18 models are available as ready built units in a stainless steel casing, with humidifying capacities of 14 kg/h and 18 kg/h, respectively.

Tried and tested controller components ensure that the desired room humidity is precisely maintained.

Ultrasonic humidifiers for direct room humidification

STULZ ULTRASONIC BNBFor direct room humidification, STULZ offers units from the STULZ UltraSonic® BNB 1000 to BNB 8000 model series.

All major components of these units are made from stainless steel or high-grade plastic. A fan integrated in the housing distributes the steam, which is generated in the water bath, around the room.




Control unit for STULZ UltraSonic® humidifying systems

STULZ ULTRASONIC USM USSThe STULZ UltraSonic® controller is already integrated in a control system, which is a master-slave solution capable of actuating up to 15 humidifiers.

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