NTES Services for Fire-Explosion-And progression Solutions

New Trader Engineering services (NTES) is a authorize partner with world well known firefighting Organizations of FIKE and NAFFCO. We are extending firefighting services, products and suppression systems in Afghanistan with the help of these giants.

NTES is an authorize supplier of services and products that protect people and their important assets from hazards such as explosion, fire and in excess of pressurization. We provide wide range of industrial solutions and products like explosion protection systems, fire suppression system, fire alarm security and gas & oil products for enhancing drilling and its completion.

We are offering exclusive services and systems for security related to the following industrial fields:

    • Pressure relief systems
    • Fire suppression system
    • Detection and control system
    • Fire alarm security
    • Explosion protection system
    • Oil and Gas protection mechanism

NTES contribute a list of products specifically correlated with firefighting and definitely helpful in any emergency situations. The catalog includes:

    • Truck & Vehicles
      • Ambulances
      • Trailers
      • Special vehicles
      • Off-road vehicles and Equipment's
      • Aerial access platforms
    • Extinguishers
    • Reel and Cabinets
    • Fire Hydrants
    • Suppression System
    • Low Voltage Systems
    • Pumps
    • Hoses & Accessories
    • Fire Doors
    • Valve & Riser
    • CAFS
    • Passive Fire Protection

We are supplying latest and modern firefighting products and equipment's to rescue people and his valuable belongings. NTES knows the importance of fire fighters because they are most probably the first team to reach at the emergency place and handle the entire situation. Data centers, mobile phone exchanges, server rooms and all sensitive organizations must deploy detection and control systems to avoid unbearable loss either in the form of lives or information.

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