Why NTES Focuses On Optimal Cooling Systems

The massive growth in data gave birth to data centers. As data centers rise, their power demands also grow. The critical need of any business is to deal such large amount of data with fast flow across the world. Organizations demands for greater processing servers and hardware equipments, indirectly increasing the power needs. The power requires to run the computing infrastructure and to cool heat generating servers and equipments.

NTES is aware of the challenges such as power, cooling and density that tend to work against each other. And we have a talented team to follow a systematic way for delivering cooling system solution that is highly efficient and optimal for any data center.

Data center are changing rapidly in these days, so it is more important to ensure each component of the infrastructure is functioning properly and in reliable form. Failure of cooling system in any critical data center will definitely lead to loss of service, money and customer goodwill.

Most of the time cooling systems in data centers received less attention than operating systems, servers and network configurations. But the performance of any IT systems is dependent on cooling support. So we must take care of the cooling system as IT systems change, for this we also presents our services to check overall significant infrastructure desirable for your system.

NTES Also Avoid These Routinely Mistakes in Installation of Cooling Systems:

    • Airflow in the rack itself
    • Layout of racks
    • Distribution of loads
    • Cooling settings
    • Layout of air delivery and return vents

Some Advance and Modern Cooling Systems for Telecom and Data Centers

The precision cooling system is specifically designed to meet up the modern needs of the data center temperature loads and have dissimilar service and maintenance requirement than typical air conditioning. NTES has certified technician that have the full knowledge to establish and maintain these critical systems to maximize performance and efficiency of precision system to support data center.

Maintaining a precise environmental condition can ensure efficient and long-lasting operation of electronic equipments of Telecom. For smooth running of telecommunication network, NTES offer specific solutions to assist your smooth network operations in the form of precision air conditioning products. Our economical air condition systems keep the receiving and transmitting mobile phone network stations cool.

NTES presents precise humidification products to ensure accurate tuned humidity levels to make sure safety of delicate electronic components within industrial, telecommunication and health processes. The special products protect us from fire risk, improper respiration, and static electricity.

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