Energy Efficient and Lower cost Chillers

NTES help you to reduce cost through energy efficient chillers as cooling infrastructure in data centers and industrial facilities. Air cooled chillers and Water cooled chillers are the two options for organizations wish to use chillers as a coolant. No doubt, water is excellent cooling agent than air and proved best as a cooling system. But alternative of this is air cooled chillers that avoid complication and maintenance issues of cooling tower.

Let us handle all the complications, issues and requirements to recommend best cooling system fit for your wide range of industrial processes, especially for data centers, server rooms, call centers and electronic equipments.

NTES try to reduce annual cost for cooling up to 40 percent by careful designing and implementation of the chillers to exactly meet the requirements for cooling. Our professionals have the complete understanding and knowledge of products, environmental issues and business demands to increase productivity and profits in respective field.


Stulz Cybercool OutdoorCyberCool Outdoor – The source of liquid-cooled air cooling systems

Chilled water generators for closed-circuit air conditioning with water, up to 235 kilowatts, for outdoor installation. With optional free cooling to increase energy efficiency.


STULZ CyberCool XT CEICyberCool XT CEI (A)

Chillers for liquid-cooled closed-circuit air conditioning, up to 23 kilowatts, for indoor installation.



STULZ CyberCool IndoorCyberCool Indoor Data-Chiller – Spot-on cooling with water

Compact chilled water generator for the direct liquid cooling of high-density server racks and computer tomographs, cooling capacity up to 100 kilowatts, for indoors.



STULZ CyberCool Pump and Transfer Web

CyberCool Pump&Transfer

Some data centres have a central chilled water supply. Direct liquid cooling of high-density server racks via the central water supply seems an obvious solution, but does not answer to the requirements of the racks and also carries a major threat of leakage.

STULZ CyberCool Pump&Transfer ensures that the system is separated into two circuits, keeping the volume of water and pressure in the rack as low as possible. In the primary circuit between the central chilled water supply and the transfer station, CyberCool Pump&Transfer works with a water/glycol mixture at low temperature. In the secondary circuit, the transfer station feeds glycol-free water to the server racks, while adapting the temperature to the level required by the racks.


STULZ CyberCool Pumpenstation CPPCyberCool Pump Station – Cold water supply for air conditioning systems

Compact and space saving pump cabinets with two speed-controlled pumps for indoor installation. The appearance of the CyberCool Pump Station is the same as the design of the CyberAir 2 precision A/C systems.

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