Safe Technology and Dependable Batteries for Power Solutions

NTES is the authentic business partner of SACRED SUN and APC, determined to provide battery solutions throughout Afghanistan. A complete collection of batteries according to your needs can be found easily at NTES.

Intelligent systems and technology demand power that must be free of disturbance and interruptions, as our technological world is highly dependent on continues availability of electric power. Our experts realize how critical is the smooth AC power supply to reliable operations of the sophisticated systems.

NTES has variety of dependable, environmentally safe technology, long lasting and powerful batteries for everything you need. Our skilled team recommends best batteries options for the below applications:

    • Telecommunications
    • UPS
    • Alarms
    • Security
    • Power plant
    • Renewable energy
    • Transportation
    • Power and Cooling of Data centers
    • Computer networking devices
    • IT equipments
    • Cooling and power of VoIP and IP telephony applications

Sacred Sun



GFM category adopt the latest AGM valve regulated technology, high-purity raw materials and a large number of independent patents, with the high-energy, low self-discharge rate and long service life; products include the GFM-C, GFMU-C, GFM-H, GFMG four series, voltage is 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V and 12V, capacity form 80-3000Ah. products meet Japanese, International and other industry standards. GFM series has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL and CE certification.



FT category voltage is 12V, capacity from 55 to 175Ah. With the fast growing of telecommunication and DC power system, a lot of outdoor enclosed power cabinets come into being, bringing a large demand of VRLA Battery with compact construction and big capacity, so FT VRLA Battery fill this requirement.



SP category is most widely used in all kinds of applications, voltage with 12V capacity from 38 to 250Ah. With the requirement of the evolving technology and living standard of the society, more and more specially characterized VRLA Battery markets come out so this line is segmented into more specific series positioning all differentiation markets.



GEL category voltage levels are 2V and 12V, capacity range separately from 200 to 2000Ah and 33 to 200Ah. Sacred Sun segments GEL VRLA battery into three series namely FMJ, FTJ and GFMJ. All the products are specially designed for Communication, high capacity UPS, Solar and Wind system.



OPzV series GEL battery, tubular positive plate and pasted negative plate design. Battery has super long service life and high reliability, could be used in rigorous low-high temperature, bad electric power condition. These products could be widely used in telecommunication, electric power, energy storage, UPS/EPS and etc. fields.



GAJ category is AGM hybrid GEL battery, long service life and perfect cyclic performance with the fast growing energy requirement by Communication, UPS and other big capacity DC system, more & differential markets come into being, Sacred Sun takes this chance and segments this category into more specific series for special requirement.



EV & DZM category voltage is 6V, 8V and 12V, capacity from 6 to 220Ah. DZM and EV are two segmented series for Electrical bicycle and Electrical vehicles respectively

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