Xpert Property Console


Optimum Solution for Managing buildings, Floors, Apartments, Rooms, Offices and Car parking

NTES Xpert Property Console (XPC) is a specialized property management system that provides the entire critical information for the optimal operation at your fingertips. The Xpert property console places all information in a variety of printed reports or you can view on-line also. Our Xpert property console software is a robust and powerful tool to manage your buildings, floors and rooms in the building, apartments, car parking, shops and offices to preserve precise management controls. This property management system integrates all necessary features you need to simplify operations of the managers and enhanced efficiency and productivity in your real estate business.

The XPC is also a beneficial marketing tool because it captures broad range of data required to make accurate marketing analysis. Analysis of information is precise, quick and simple, revenue emphasize, yearly comparisons of budgets and tenure. So Xpert property console system is proven solution for real estate and commercial property companies.

NTES Xpert property console software is a robust property system that includes different modules such as building management system, procurement management, inventory management, asset management, Human resource management, Finance management and Parking management. Thus the Xpert Property console management system improves productivity by organizing your rental property and sale out property information, plummeting your antisocial accounts and computerize reporting and accounting.

The basic features and modules of our Xpert Property Console System is briefly described as:

  • Building Management System
    • Manage buildings
    • Manage Floors for each building
    • Types of property
    • Manage apartments/rooms/shops on each floor
    • Property selling
      • Sale agreement
      • Payment terms
    • Property Lease
      • Long term
      • Short term
    • Reports
      • List of all buildings
      • List of floors
      • List of rooms/apartments/shops
      • Financial Reports
        • Installment receivables
        • Rent receivables
        • Total receivables
        • Total payables

  • Procurement Management
    • Demand / Requisition
    • Demand / Requisition Approval
    • Supplier Management
    • Quotations
    • Purchase Orders
    • Goods Receiving Notes

  • Inventory Management
    • Stock Management
    • Inventory Location Management
    • Cost Center Management

  • Asset Management
    • Demand / Requisition
    • Asset procurement
    • Asset categories
    • Asset types
    • Asset depreciation

  • Human Resource Management
    • Employee Profiling
      • Basic information
      • Contact Information
      • Emergency Contact information
      • Salary details
      • Tax management
      • Job
      • Assets Assign
      • Documents
      • References
    • Salary Management
    • Payroll Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Leave Management

  • Finance
    • Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes
    • Payments
    • Allocations
    • Accounts Payable
    • Sales Orders
    • Customer Invoices/Credit Notes
    • Deposits
    • Allocations
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Dimensions
    • General Ledger with Budget

  • Parking Management
    • Support two types of user display
    • Support Several types of Passes/Cards
    • Support NTES Accounting Software
    • Barcode Scanner/RFID Tag Reader/Scanner
    • Online Reports
    • Auto parking slot availability status

NTES Xpert Property Management Console system facilitates utmost performance, exploits latest technologies. Simultaneously with use of modern graphical user interface offers the final system for building management and property management. The XPC is developed after brainstorming and deep research by our experienced team with the help of experts in property companies.

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