NTES Financials

NTES Financials

NTES proposes financial system account solution based on business interest at different levels like firm, regional and global. Our firm's financial software solution track down each financial activity of your company to help you in organizational planning and action plans. The financial software enables you to track & manage resources required to successful completion of work.

Financial sustainability of Organizations

One major aim of the financial system is to offer Transparent and Accountable financial system to construct financial sustainability in organizations but few other reasons the system may be develop to:

    • Enable organization to take decisions on the base of cash flow and resources available.
    • Help mangers to compare actual income and funds to accomplish an activity.
    • Some Governments require tracking income and expenses of charitable and registered organizations.
    • Funders wish to check demonstration of their grants on intended purposes.
    • Creating financial control & apparent counting procedures to ensure transparency.
    • Realistic projections and clear transparency add value to the organizations.

Monitoring and Controlling company financials

Monitoring and controlling financials of company play dual role in inside requirements and exterior needs. A few bright aspects of financial monitoring and control are:

    • Accounting Records
    • Financial Planning
    • Financial Monitoring and Reporting
    • Governing Board
    • Internal Controls

NTES Financial system key modules

NTES financial solution proposes enhance and improved integrated set of modules and functionalities like:

    • General Features
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable
    • Purchase Order
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Project or Job casting
    • Sales Order
    • Inventory
    • Payroll
    • Fixed Assets
    • Human Resources

Why NTES Financial System

We have analyzed some of the decision criteria for selection of the financial software system to assist our valuable customers. We are tightly connected with quality and needs of the customers that is why these key points of choosing financial solution for your organization are being focused:

    • Functionality of the Software
    • Support of organization for software technology
    • Vendor of the software
    • Implementation Vendor
    • Training and support offered by vendor
    • Timeline for the project
    • Total cost of the software ownership.
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