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Mobile Application DevelopmentWith everyday innovations in technology, companies are reforming their approach towards marketing. Companies now want their business to be on hand all the time and mobile applications do just that for your business. Mobile applications connect your business directly with the customer wherever they go. Mobile applications have brought a new revolution in business marketing hence boosting the overall sales. Xperts can help you better market your business with suitable mobile application designed just for you within your budget to meet your online presence needs. You have a host of options available to choose from, we work on the following platforms and different types of mobile applications.

    • iPhone/iPad
    • Window
    • Android
    • Blackberry
    • Cross-platform

NTES focusing Areas for Mobile Applications

We have deep domain understanding of the following areas:

  • Games

    Games are the most widely used applications for brand marketing because game applications are fun, challenging, social, and a powerful tool for brands.

  • Education

    Education apps are also in large number and are a huge success on mobile platforms, changing the way target audience learns.

  • Life style

    Home, food, fashion etc. are the most focused areas of human life and Life-enhancing mobile applications elevate user's leisure time by connecting them to home, fashion, food, special interests and more.

  • News

    Mobile users always prefer to stay informed about what's happening around in the world. These applications may provide broad news for the world at large or tailored news for an endless variety of specific interests.

  • Brands

    Brands have a revolutionary opportunity for customer engagement with the use of targeted mobile apps.

  • Travel

    You can opt for variety of travel related applications which provides convenience, information, directions, and tips on the go. GPS based mobile applications are another hot area related to travel mobile applications.

  • Music

    These applications create a whole new world by fetching information, tour dates, social networking opportunities and more to music fans. MP3 music is just a formal part of it.

  • Utilities

    Utilities can be created/developed keeping in view the needs of target audience. You can create tools that solve simple or complex requirements for serious pursuits, and sometimes for laughs!

Mobile Application Development

A complete and successful Mobile Application development steps

    • Develop goals and objectives of app and identify stakeholders
    • Graphic designs for the screen
    • Planning and prototyping (functional)
    • Programming development & quality checks
    • Review or test the app and include feedback
    • App submission to store with keywords
    • Launch marketing site
    • Perform Search engine optimization
    • Monitor user feedback
    • Build mobile app in other platforms

We are also developing telecommunication, wireless networks and project management mobile applications for our esteemed customers. Custom mobile apps improve the performance and functions of the Smartphone, and Smartphones in return help organizations to instantly interact with clients. NTES has the smart professional team to build custom mobile applications in the above mentioned areas and in almost all platforms.

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