MS Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a scalable business management ERP software solution that is adaptable to change, step up your business growth and productivity of the people. NTES Group presents a wide range of certified consulting services build to ensure seamless, in time and flourishing implementation of your required business management solution. NTES is partner with Microsoft to offer diverse business solutions and implement the ERP solutions as well. MS Dynamic GP empowers your business to meet challenging industry requirements through the intelligent tools that efficiently connect entire organization. MS Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software carries complete business management functionalities from financial and operation management to manufacturing and Human Resource management.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic GP

    • Make possible Quick and effective business decisions
    • Ease of use for People
    • Enhance business productivity
    • Improved Business control and intelligence
    • Provide business alerts
    • Resource and time saving
    • Adaptable to change and new opportunities

All-Inclusive Business Management competencies of MS Dynamic GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to support business requirements with confirmed and complete business management abilities while supporting business growth. Some of the features and capabilities are:

    • Financial management
    • Supply chain management
    • Project management
    • Human resources and payroll management
    • Business intelligence and reporting
    • Services management
    • Manufacturing

Reasons for Selecting MS Dynamics GP

Control: MS Dynamics GP enhance visibility and get better insight at almost all levels of your industry, provide confident for the right decisions by the correct people in your association.

Increase Margin: Craft smarter decisions to develop your working margins along with cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics GP assists you to maximize productivity by receiving the most out of systems and people.

Growth: Revolve superior profitability into new opportunities with a financial management solution that facilitate drive and maintain your business expansion.

Getting Up with Microsoft Dynamic GP product

It simplifies the process with a solution that is created to get you up without increasing development and manpower cost. Microsoft Dynamics GP is extremely scalable and well-matched with the technology, so that it conveys lasting value without elevated costs. It is localized, translate and maintain by Microsoft, since available in multiple countries and in various languages.

Most notably, these solutions are delivered by a global network of partners who supply local, modified service-from planning, to implementation, to customization, to ongoing support and training. That means you get world-class business solutions from NTES Group who understand the local environment and are there to provide what you need as business conditions change and your business grows.

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