MS Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

New Trader Engineering Services NTES is busy with today's global market that is more than interconnection, perhaps world of best possibilities without borders. NTES proposes perfect available business management Solutions that can facilitate people work quickly and efficiently, handle growth and manage change and meet up the globalization' demands.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an adaptable, integrated business management solution to do business across multiple locations and countries. Microsoft Dynamics streamline customer relationship, financial and supply chain processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can take your Business into Future

With Microsoft Dynamics you enable business simplicity, agility and power across the entire organization. MS Dynamics is easy to use and familiar to Microsoft users. It makes sure the quick adaptation and decreasing the risks inherited due to implementation of new solutions. With Dynamics AX, the people can work efficiently and take quick decisions with full confidence, also empowering change management and demands of business and industry.

MS AX in Afghanistan

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a specialized ERP solutions build for your trade

It meet your trade needs easily with specialized built in capabilities for your industry in single, complete enterprise resource planning ERP solution. NTES is a partner of Microsoft that successfully extends this powerful foundation with specialized services customized to particular industries. This exceptional approach carries improved value quickly, especially for global businesses that cover more industries. Dynamics AX is closely designed to span these types of industries:

    • Manufacturing
    • Services
    • Distribution
    • Retail
    • Public Sector

Wide-ranging ERP capabilities of MS Dynamics AX

It merges a rich set of basic abilities with ground breaking approach to ERP Enterprise Resource Planning. Enables people to perform well and organization to quickly adapt to changes for future opportunities. The key functional areas of the powerful Microsoft Dynamic AX are:

    • Financial management
    • Business intelligence and reporting
    • Sales and marketing
    • Procurement and sourcing
    • Human capital management
    • Supply chain management
    • Global risk and compliance
    • Project management and accounting
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Country-specific capabilities

Why select Microsoft Dynamics AX?

POWER: Add more value with single, complete ERP solution that carry business specific and operational demands for your global enterprise

AGILE: Enlarge industry opportunities, amend processes, and distinguish your industry with inclusive ERP solution software that offers unparalleled agility.

SIMPLE: Force user involvement and modernism with business management solution that is simple, easy to deploy and manageable as well as deliver effortless data & processes.

Features (Modules) of Microsoft Dynamic AX

The new latest version of Microsoft Dynamic AX is AX 2012, that has 19 core modules and 7 extended modules such as:

    • General Ledger
    • Bank Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Inventory Management
    • Master Planning
    • Production
    • Product Builder
    • Human Resources
    • Project Accounting
    • Basic, where data configuration is performed
    • Administration Module (system configuration)

Extended core Modules

    • Shop Floor Control
    • Cost Accounting
    • Balanced Scorecards
    • Service Management
    • Expense Management
    • Payroll Management [12]
    • Environmental Management

Some External Components

    • Enterprise Portal for Dynamics AX (Share point Services)
    • Workflow
    • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services integration
    • Microsoft SQL Analysis services (KPIs)
    • Application Integration Framework
    • Project Server Integration
    • Microsoft Dynamics Mobile 1.5 development tools
    • A .Net Business Connector for third-party software

Architecture of Microsoft Dynamic AX

The Microsoft Dynamics AX software solution is comprised of 4 main components:

    • Database Server
    • File Server
    • Application object Server (AOS)
    • Client (user interface)

Microsoft Dynamic AX availability and localization

Dynamic AX 2012 is easily available to consumers around the globe in 25 countries with 23 different languages. Although NTES can create localizations and or translations of Microsoft Dynamics AX in countries like Afghanistan where Microsoft does not offer translated or localized version.

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