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Broadband Internet Service Provider in Afghanistan

NTES Group has launched internet provision facilities in Afghanistan, an advance broadband Internet services throughout the country for all class of users with various packages. A Cost-effective, high-speed and quality broadband service is equipped to serve uninterrupted internet access in Kabul and throughout Afghanistan.

With NTES internet Service Afghanistan, you can connect to the Internet quickly, from anyplace by using fast fiber optic cable. Our coverage will carry efficient and fast communications in almost all locations of Afghanistan. Now users can easily access internet through reliable fiber optic lines without interruption with exclusive broadband internet service. The modern technology automatically adjusts power needed to ensure link is maintained in heavy rain falls and in other environmental hazards. Thus we are trying to provide the best and reliable internet services in Afghanistan and are continue to make it better.

Benefits of Our Internet Services in Kabul-Afghanistan

    • Amazing on-ground efficiency, smaller and easier to configure setup.
    • Cost-effective bandwidth supply due to efficient frequency re-uses.
    • Immense coverage in city and most remote locations.
    • Speedy access with high reliability.

Business Continuity and Secure Operations

NTES internet provision service can insure you against productivity risk and revenue loss by providing a back-up internet connection. With NTES, your business will maximize network availability for redundant connectivity and path diversity. Easy rollout across multiple sites, as the same terminals can be installed at each site within the coverage area, assuring continuity for you and your business.

NTES Cost-effective Solution for IP-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Now-a-days all communications are driven by IP-based connections for corporate networks, and satellite communications are no exception. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), run over global IP networks. They fulfill the needs for expensive private (mesh) networks over Fiber lines, while maintaining your businesses ability to connect multiple destinations to their intranet and provide remote users and commuter with access to corporate resources.

This is the best network solution and good choice for corporate customers especially when they are connecting with their Local Area Networks (LANs). It can provide dedicated bandwidth with unrestricted 24/7 access. Leased Lines can be configured as private data networks too.

Our VPN service is ready to meet the versatile needs of today's businesses by providing reliability, scalability and various levels of control to help in achieving maximum security at reasonable rates.

Today, your business travels everywhere with you along with your network. You need reliable, secured connections that bring together your employees, customers, and your business partners. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows a set of sites to communicate with each other over a shared public network infrastructure.


    • Extended communication within and outside your organization
    • Have convenient and secure access to sensitive company information
    • Maximize your speed, reliability and security with our state-of-the-art ISP network

ISP in Kabul - Afghanistan

NTES also has ISP service in Kabul and providing very high quality internet solutions at reasonable prices. This will facilitate and ensure effective data communications in today's networked economy, where timely access from virtually anywhere to business information sources is crucial and essential for you to be able to gain a competitive advantage to serve your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees.

Previously internet service plans for customers were offered little or even no choice of different quality levels. We suggest various options of service plans and packages to give the customers wide range of choices for selection of service quality according to their needs.

NTES Group - Cisco Certified Engineers for Internet Support Services

The NTES Group has excellent and certified Cisco Professionals for 8*5 internet support services in Kabul. So our customers can get quick feedback from experts.

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