IBM Filenet

IBM FileNet

IBM FilenetFileNet is a type of Enterprise Content Management ECM solution product from IBM. FileNet is used by enterprises to supervise content & business procedures. NTES offers latest version of FileNet system of IBM that is FileNet p8 platform, which provides foundation for integrated FileNet products and also a framework for mounting custom enterprise systems. Thus more value added functionalities can be included through customization to manage a particular business process.

IBM FileNet P8 platform is a group of strongly integrated components packed together in a common platform. The integrated components of enterprise content & process management platforms perform broad functionality. A few main elements of the platform are; metadata repository, process management repository, out of box user interface for admitting contents and process elements along with extensive variety of storage devices and platforms. IBM FileNet P8 relies on these three core components to provide the services:

    • Content Engine (CE): Offer core content management capability, including security, versioning, and life cycle management
    • Process Engine (PE): Supplies the center workflow potential (business process management) including electronic forms, modeling and monitoring tools
    • Workplace WP / Workplace XT (WP – XT): Presents user interface to access process engines and content

FileNet Content Manager

IBM fileNet content manager is a security, content and storage management engine with workflow usage and process capabilities. FileNet content manager helps you to congregate growing challenges of content management for enterprises by providing single repository, streamline content management and delivery services, integrating with Microsoft SharePoint and Office, and having many tools for quick benefits. As an ECM solution suite FileNet Content Manager includes these components:

IBM Filenet
    • Content Federation Services
    • FileNet Image Services
    • FileNet Rendition Engine
    • FileNet Integration for Microsoft Office (FIMO)
    • SharePoint Web Parts
    • FileNet services for Lotus Quickr
    • Workplace XT

FileNet Business Process Manager

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager BPM handle workflow among systems and people for content. It assist organization to improve process performance, decrease cycle times and enhance productivity and quick decision making by tackling the creation, management and optimization of case based processes to increase business results.

    • FileNet Business Process Framework
    • FileNet Connector for Microsoft
    • FileNet Case Analyzer (formerly named Process Analyzer)
    • FileNet Business Process Manager
    • FileNet eForms

More FileNet products

    • FileNet Capture
    • FileNet Collaboration Edition
    • FileNet image Manager Active Edition
    • FileNet System Monitor

IBM FileNet Platform combines enterprise content management with complete business process management & compliance abilities. It is a next generation joined enterprise foundation for integrated IBM FileNet P8 products. It is an essential component in creating agile, adaptable enterprise content management ECM environment important to support a vibrant organization that should respond to change more quickly.

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