IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

IBM ECMNTES is an IT company in Afghanistan, partner of IBM that aims to identify business improvements methods through information by enabling technology for our clients. ECM refers to the strategies, technologies methods and tools used to capture, store, manage, preserve, and deliver content and documents associated with organization and its business processes. ECM tools allow the management of an enterprise level organization's information.

NTES suggest IBM Enterprise Content Management ECM to focus on information & users, processes, culture and systems at the same time. ECM is not about document management, technology or product. It is about all content that is needed to be managing within an Enterprise despite of format, location and type throughout the life of content, since that can be found and used when required. The IBM ECM capabilities comprise industry specific-solutions, which detain, trigger, share, explore and administer content throughout the lifecycle.

What content matters?

    • Account, HR and Contracts
    • Financial – New accounts /lending
    • Legal - case files/contracts
    • Education - student record, enrollment, financial
    • Healthcare - patients records and financial records
    • Government - revenue, health , police, Historical records
    • Insurance—claims & enrollment
    • Telecommunications
    • Utilities and Energy (US)

Top Business Drivers for implementation of IBM ECM

    • Reducing operation cost Operating cost reduction
    • Speed of processing
    • Fast decision making
    • Security of information assets
    • Control over information access
    • Virtual workforce
    • Compliance
    • Storage space / volume and paper is overpowering
    • User productivity
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Disaster recovery

Enterprise content management capabilities

    • Advanced case management
    • Document imaging and capture
    • Social content management
    • Content Analytics
    • Information lifecycle governance
    • ECM Starter Packs
    • Archiving
    • Classification
    • Defensible disposal
    • Document management
    • eDiscovery
    • Enterprise report management
    • Enterprise search
    • Records and retention management

Popular Enterprise Content Management product families

    • Case Manager
    • Content Collector
    • Content Analytics
    • Content Manager
    • Content Manager OnDemand
    • Datacap
    • FileNet Content Manager
    • OmniFind

IBM ECMIBM ECM supports most of the popular databases, operating systems, and applications. So get complete administrative, desktop and or browser client capability with workflow support. NTES proposes multiple IBM solutions to open a world of great opportunities for improving business and this is one of these exclusive solutions.

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