EMR Software

EMR Software

Electronic Media Record is a kind of clinical information system especially for health care, which is devoted to gathering; storing, manipulating, and making reachable clinical information important to the delivery of patient care. The aim of such systems was clinical data, neither financial nor billing information. But recent rapidly changing necessities EMR software can be incorporated with practice management software that include billing and front office features, which work flawlessly with EMR to improve Patient workflows.

Key benefits of implementing NTES EMR Software

    • Increase Profitability Through!
      • High settlement
      • Reduce operating cost
      • Control over operations
    • Lessen Facility Costs
      • Eliminate duplicate activities burden
      • Guarantees completion and automation
    • Diminish facility Threats
      • Administrative staff are proactive in management and care
      • Accurate and anytime available records
      • Documents are attached with date and time stamp

Core Capabilities of EMR

    • Health information and data Immediate access to key information like patients' lab test, diagnoses, allergies and medications record. It would enhance the ability to make valid and timely decision.
    • Result management To increase the patient safety and efficacy of care, patients' information is quickly available to caregivers at multiple points for new and past records
    • Order management The ability to enter and store orders for prescriptions, tests, and other services in a computer-based system should enhance legibility, reduce duplication, and improve the speed with which orders are executed.
    • Decision support Using reminders prompts, and alerts, computerized decision-support systems would help improve compliance with best clinical practices, ensure regular screenings and other preventive practices, identify possible drug interactions, and facilitate diagnoses and treatments.
    • Electronic communication and connectivity Efficient, secure, and readily accessible communication among providers and patients would improve the continuity of care, increase the timeliness of diagnoses and treatments, and reduce the frequency of adverse events.
    • Patient support Tools that give patients access to their health records, provide interactive patient education, and help them carry out home-monitoring and self-testing can improve control of chronic conditions, such as diabetes.
    • Administrative processes Computerized administrative tools, such as scheduling systems, would greatly improve hospitals' and clinics' efficiency and provide more timely service to patients.
    • ReportingElectronic Stored data will make possible health care organization to answer quickly to state, federal and private reporting needs, and the Electronic data storage that employs uniform data standards will enable health care organizations to respond more quickly to federal, state, and private reporting requirements, including those that support patient safety and disease surveillance.

Key benefits of EMRs

    • Replace paper-based medical records which can be erroneous, incomplete, fragmented, unreadable or hard to find. Thus offer perfect and up to date information.
    • Potential for structuring, automating, and streamlining scientific workflow.
    • Provide integrated support for a wide range of discrete care activities including decision support, monitoring, electronic prescribing, electronic referrals radiology, laboratory ordering and results display.
    • Information is easily be analyzed for research and data mining to predict various solutions.
    • Support for ongoing Medical Learning.
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