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Construction ERP features

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated application to manage the business. ERP software consists of many enterprise software modules that are individually purchased, based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. The basic goal is to provide one central repository for all information that is shared by all the various ERP facets in order to smooth the flow of data across the organization.

We design one of the most comprehensive ERP solutions by taking utmost care with core functionality of the industry in mind. All activities right from pre-construction stage to post construction stage can be captured and monitored. Management can access and manage onsite activities from anywhere anytime. It focuses on the management and execution of construction projects, large or small, distributed or single-site. The construction ERP helps to manage information flow through every phase of the project, from planning and estimation, through procurement, project execution, project operations and maintenance, all supported by powerful dashboard and reporting.

  • Project Management
    • Manage Project
    • Manage project types
    • Manage multiple sites of a project
    • Define team for site
    • Define milestone for a site
    • Define task/activities for a milestone
    • Assign people for a specific task
    • Auto-generated alert on defined criteria, like delay in task completion
    • Auto-generated alert for people assigned to a task
    • Purchase requisition for project/site
    • Define payment terms for on basis of milestone
    • Auto generated grant chart based on milestone and tasks
    • Asset deployment for a project
    • Client/Customer management
    • Sub-Contractor management
Project Management   Project Chart
  • Bidding / Tender Management
    • Categories
    • Domain for categories
    • Line item and sub items for domains
    • Manage basic rates
    • Define Analysis prices on the basis of basic rates
    • Define tender with responsible
    • Upload documents
    • Internal messaging for a specific bid
    • Status management
Bid Items   Bid Analysis   Bidding
  • Asset Management
    • Asset procurement
    • Asset categories
    • Asset types
    • Asset depreciation
    • Demand / Requisition
Asset Management
  • Procurement
    • Demand / Requisition
    • Supplier Management
    • Quotations
    • Supplier Orders
    • Purchase Orders
    • Good Receiving Notes
Create Purchase Order   Add Suppliers
  • Human Resource Management
    • Employee Profiling
      • Basic information
      • Contact Information
      • Emergency Contact information
      • Salary details
      • Tax management
      • Job
      • Assets
    • Recruitment
    • Salary Management
    • Payroll Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Leave Management
HR Approval
  • Inventory Management
    • Procurement
    • Stock Management
    • Inventory Location Management
    • Cost Center Management
Item List
  • Finance and Account Management
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